Hey there! Happy you’re here. My name is Lydia and I am the face behind all that is Little Luminescence. It has always been my dream to create art and share that passion with the world.


I started out with an Etsy to get used to listing products, shipping, so on and so forth. It was O.K, I enjoyed the helping hand but I was looking for something else. On Etsy you aren’t able to customize much and that’s huge part of the fun for me. 


Inspired by all of the little things that light up your life, finding the beauty in the chaos and the magic that can emerge from it ✧ I enjoy creating one of a kind pieces that remind me of all the good around me. Things that make me smile such as the sun & moon, flowers, rainbows after a storm. Each piece I create whether it’s decor or jewelry, is created with love and made in hopes of bringing a smile to someone’s face.